1. The Title reserves the right to add, change, delete or combine divisions for valid reasoning. We also reserve the right to move teams to designated divisions.
  2. All team members must start within the competition floor.
  3. Teams will compete on a 54X42 spring floor at every The Title Competition.
  4. The Title guarantees 15 minutes between performance times for crossovers
  5. Teams may not pre-build any partner stunt of pyramids before timing starts.
  6. Timing will begin with the first organized movement of a cheer or dance, the first words or building of a partner stunt or pyramid.
  7. Flag, signs, megaphones, and poms may be used as props in your all-star cheerleading routine with USASF approval.
  8. One representative from your group will be responsible for running your music during the competition. This person is required to remain at the sound booth throughout your teams entire performance.
  9. Please be sure to bring your own music, along with the necessary back-up(s). If you’re using a custom burned CD, please realize that some burned CD’s will not play on all CD players. Therefore, if you use a burned CD, it’s at your own risk. Teams are encouraged to bring a backup copy of your music on a MP3 Player.
  10. In the event that a team’s music starts skipping (It is the coach’s responsibility to stop the music.) The Title will not stop music. (Unless due to injury and/or outside interference.) If a team’s music stops/or is stopped by the coach, the team must continue to perform until the completion of the routine.
  11. In the event that routine interruption was due to the failure of the The Title Championship equipment, facilities, and/or outside interference, etc., the team will be permitted to restart your routine within 10 minutes and be judged from when the interruption occurred.
  12. If the interruption is due to failure of your equipment, the team will either take the score judged or withdraw from the competition.
  13. The Title officials reserve the right to stop a performance due to injury and/or any outside interference. In the event that the routine is stopped before its completion due to injury and/or any outside interference, the team will have 30 minutes until they will perform again. The team MAY be able to go back through all of the warm-up mats. The routine must be performed full-out from the beginning! Only the stunt/pyramid group of the injured participant may be allowed to mark. Judging will continue from the point when the music/routine was stopped!
  14. Jewelry of any kind is prohibited for all cheer participants. Jewelry needs to be removed and cannot be disguised or covered up.
  15. Dance jewelry as part of a costume is allowed.
  16. All ALL-STAR and ALL-STAR PREP team members must be current members of the USASF.